Linda has always been a loyal supporter of animal rights. In 2010, she teamed up with PETA and protested with over 300 people in Los Angeles against the mistreatment of animal

training in the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus. CNN reported, “Linda Hogan was also in attendance. She has been voicing her concerns since she witnessed with her own eyes the behind the scenes mistreatment of the animals in the Ringling Bros. Circus. She was outraged and vowed never to take her children to the circus again. Although her children are grown, Linda has remained true to her commitment to help be a voice for these helpless animals.”

On Linda’s hit VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best she recounts one of her first instances in supporting animal rights.

One thing I have always loved are animals and I was happy to show that side of myself on Hogan Knows Best. I basically had a petting zoo at our Willadel home. Dogs, birds, chinchillas, cats, turtles, ferrets, parrots, finches and roosters, you name it. There were forty-two animals in all. All the kids in the neighborhood would come to the petting zoo at our home after school!

One of the episodes during the first season featured our animals. When the episode eventually aired, the people who lived in our town didn’t realize that we had that many pets and complained to the city. I got a letter from the city stating that they viewed our TV show and saw evidence of forty-two animals. The city stated that it only allows five animals per household. The production company ended up filming me going to the city to fight it. In the end, they tried fining me a $100 a day until I got rid of the animals. I told them they can keep fining me because I wasn’t getting rid of them. The city finally backed off when they realized I wasn’t going to do anything and how strongly I felt toward animal rights.

For more information about the mistreatment of animals in the circus and to offer your help please click here. Linda is also on the committee for the Miami chapter of the Children’s Special Olympics. To help with this cause please click here.