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Why Men Cheat and Other Unanswerable Questions

When I heard that Anthony Weiner had been caught sending dirty pictures of himself to young women on Twitter and having equally dirty conversations with them on Facebook, my first thought was, “Not again.” But my second thought was, “Of course again, because they never learn.” Since the whole Weiner scandal blew up it’s cost one very powerful man the position that made him powerful in the first place and it’s once again reopened the debate over a question that’s fascinated us since King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and then probably turned around and put his other sword into the nearest woman he could find. That question? Why do powerful men let their sex drives get the best of them, sometimes to the point where, like Anthony Weiner, it puts their lives as they know them at

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Life Changing


When I was 18 years old I read a book that truly changed my life. It’s entitled “Pulling Your Own Strings” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It became my bedside bible and I refer back to the book even till this day. What resonated with me about it was that it showed you how to stand up for your rights and beliefs without the bullies of the world victimizing you for having the strength to express what is best for you. It also teaches you how to say things in a way that are not offensive to others and allows you to have your final say! In short, it helped me not to be as much of a doormat as I used to be. All of his books have been extremely helpful, but this one in particular has been the most

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